bismuth oxide

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bis·muth ox·ide

used for the same purposes as the subnitrate.
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These studies showed that the only difference between PC and MTA materials is the bismuth oxide [ Funteas et al.
These results correspond exactly with the procentual reduction of the amount of PC in MTA through the addition of Bismuth oxide.
Changing usage from grey to white MTA was simply changing from grey to white PC as base material to mix with bismuth oxide.
The high symmetry and small unit cell can be considered as a result of deleting the bismuth oxide layers from the superconductor structure.
Applications by market and technology for Nanoscale Aluminium Oxide, Antimony Tin Oxide, Bismuth Oxide, Cerium Oxide, Copper Oxide, Iron Oxide, Magnesium Oxide, Silicon Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, Yttrium oxide, Zirconia, Zinc Oxide
995% ingot and needles, and bismuth oxide containing 89.
995% bismuth ingot and needles as well as bismuth oxide with 89.
Aluminium oxide - Antimony tin oxide - Bismuth oxide - Cerium Oxide - Copperoxide - Indium Tin Oxide - Iron oxide - Magnesium oxide - Manganese oxide - Nickel oxide - Silicon oxide - Titanium dioxide - Yttrium oxide - Zinc oxide - Zirconium oxide.
Table 3: Properties and applications of nanoscale bismuth oxide
A highlight of the content includes information regarding: -- NanoArc(R) Zinc Oxide for UV protection in exterior coatings, personal care and plastics markets -- NanoArc(R) Aluminum Oxide for scratch resistance in hard surfaces and plastics markets -- NanoArc(R) Cerium Oxide for precision polishing in the electronics market -- NanoArc(R) Antimony Tin Oxide for IR attenuation and conductivity in electronics, plastics and exterior coatings markets -- NanoArc(R) Bismuth Oxide for x-ray attenuation in the plastics market
Nanophase Technologies Corporation , a technology leader in nanomaterials and nanoengineered products, today announced commercial availability of bismuth oxide nanomaterials.
Ed Ludwig, Nanophase's Vice President of Business Development, stated, "We are very excited about our capability to commercially produce and supply high quality bismuth oxide nanoparticles.