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The house where Orwell was born as Eric Arthur Blair in 1903 when his father worked under the British Raj lay in ruins for decades with pigs and dogs roaming around before the state government woke up to the need to preserve and renovate it as a historical monument on the lines of the birthplaces of William Shakespeare and Leo Tolstoy in England and Russia, respectively.
For more information about the Birthplace of Country Music and the Orthophonic Joy Album, visit birthplaceofcountrymusic.
Former President <BJimmy Carter, and above, Dylan Thomas' birthplace in Cwmdonkin Drive
The spot now pays tribute to Pitt, along with the birthplace coordinates of their six children.
21, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The Nativity Church 3D online tour enables anyone anywhere to take a 3D virtual tour of the birthplace of Jesus -- the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem.
occasions and was responsible for helping to preserve the birthplace for the country when it was under threat of being dismantled and taken to America by circus impresario PT
Arafat's birthplace is listed as Jerusalem on his nine-year-old daughter's birth certificate, but Israel said France did not ask for authentication of this document.
THE Cheshire birthplace of one of England's finest authors and academics has been handed over to the protection of the National Trust.
Widely-known as the birthplace and first capital of Brazil, Bahia's rich ethnic heritage is demonstrated through its diverse cuisine, signature drinks, samba and capoeira dance, and rhythmic blend of African percussion and Caribbean reggae music.
THE Stratford-based Shakespeare Birthplace Trust has launched a new digital game to help support the teaching of the Bard's works to Key Stage 3 pupils.
The Captain Cook Birthplace Museum is reopening for the new season on Tuesday, April 3.
24 /PRNewswire/ -- A statue portraying the dramatic moment when Helen Keller was liberated from the "double dungeon of darkness and silence" is part of an exhibit now touring the state of Alabama to raise awareness of Helen Keller and the Foundations that carry on her work - the Helen Keller Birthplace Foundation and the Helen Keller Foundation for Research and Education.