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in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as the delivering of a baby.


Parturition; the act of giving birth.


Having to do with or used during birth: a birthing counselor.
The act of giving birth.


a nursing intervention from the Nursing Interventions Classification (NIC) defined as delivery of a baby. See also Nursing Interventions Classification.


Parturition; the act of giving birth.

Patient discussion about birthing

Q. sex after giving birth My baby (Shelly) is three months now. Me and my husband tried having sex a couple of times since she was born, but the intercourse just hurts too much. Is this normal? I heard that sometimes when you get cuts during the birth they sew you too tight. Can it be the case? And if so, is this permanent or will it get better?

A. as long as the wound is already recovered, I think you can start the sexual activities. But again it depends on every person, I think scoote had given us a good example for that.
In case you still feel some discomfort and even hurt sensation down there, it is advisable to go see your doctor, just to check.

Meanwhile, enjoy your life and my greeting for baby Shelly..

Q. Is it a birth defect in children? I know about the causes of autism. Is it a birth defect in children?

A. it's not an easy answer i'm afraid...there are congenital differences, but no "birth defect" that we can detect. there's a good pdf file that gives a full explanation about it...i think you'll find it useful:

Q. I'm scared to be pregnant... vomiting and to give birth...Please tell me it's fine!!

A. since how long are you pregnant? it seems that it just started. if you vomit a lot it is imperative that you drink enough water - still water like Vitel, Vichy, L'eau d'Evian that you get in your country and find bottles in glass - not in plastic! Plastic is anorganic and can't be assimilated in our bodies. there is no reason to be scared if you vomit. this means that you don't drink enough water. i know this. believe me and you will see that in the next days you will not vomit anymore. just keep me informed please!

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CONTACT: Dorothy Jean of UCI Medical Center, 714-634-5496/ CO: UCI Birthing Center ST: California IN: HEA SU:
Russell and Murphy are two of the birthing center's eight certified nurse-midwives or CNMs.
4) Frank and Susan Bernardo of Granada Hills follow along in the Kaiser class, where the emphasis is on giving couples more control through knowledge of the birthing process.
The couple agreed that the university-affiliated birthing center would be the perfect place for Mary's prenatal care and their baby's birth.
Barring complications, Walker will care for Mary throughout her pregnancy, delivery and postpartum care at UCI's Birthing Center.
Armed with her birthing bag, she uses the prenatal visits to introduce the birthing ball, a plastic rolling pin filled with ice and other tools designed to make childbirth more comfortable for women.
At the hospital, a birthing assistant works cooperatively with the hospital staff in getting you settled and completing the initial paperwork and procedures.