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2007] = the preterm birth rate in 2007 and R2014 = the preterm birth rate in 2014.
While 2010 data shows a decrease for Southbridge, it is unknown what the teen birth rate and teen pregnancy rate has been in the past two years without those services, and could possibly have increased.
Regional development should largely be rough and not as it is now where the government openly directs investments in monoethic rural areas -which in turn results in high birth rate in municipalities and communities of poor and low in economically developed areas
Preliminary data also point to a 4% decrease in the birth rate among unmarried women, from 49.
The birth rate for women in their early 20s fell 7 percent, which is the largest decline for this age group since 1973, according to the report.
Compared with 2008, the demographic situation in 2009 in the EU27 is characterised by a slight decrease in the crude birth rate and a constant crude death rate, while net migration fell more significantly.
Compared with 2008, the birth rate for women aged under 35 has fallen.
Last year the number of newborns in Taiwan declined to 19,100 with birth rate falling to 0.
Summary: The birth rate among Israel's Muslim Arab minority has fallen by a quarter since 2000, official figures showed on Friday.
Summary: DUBAI uThe high birth rate in Dubai hospitals has prompted international students to study and gain clinical experience in the field of midwifery.
According to the United Nations, the birth rate in 25 developing countries is now at or below the replacement rate.
Quebec City -- For well over a decade, Quebec Province has enjoyed the distinction of having the lowest birth rate in North America.