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5,6) In this study, we extend the utility of the MMPS to assessing birefringent crystals and other particulates that might be seen in lung or other tissue.
15, the 13- and 23-plane cross-sections of the PNC5 samples showed birefringent patterns after annealing.
applications, which are candidates for incorporating birefringent
Biopsies at later times show either normal bone, a cyst with fluid or fibrous tissue, or trabeculae of bone with entrapped residual mineral that is not birefringent with polarized light (Figure 8).
PureMode PM 1550 and PureMode PM 1310 fiber, highly birefringent
With crystallization temperatures in the range of 175 ~ 183[degrees]C, the morphology changed to mixed type birefringent spherules coexisting with boundary crystals for pCBT/PCL blend.
These macrophages contained abundant cytoplasmic, coarse, brown-black foreign particles (Figure 2) and abundant birefringent pointed spicules, 5 [micro]m or less in length (Figure 3).
At this magnification, the micrograph of the 20 wt% composite looks birefringent but featureless.
They were unstained, needlelike in shape, and were not birefringent.
First, compared with the weaker birefringence [alpha]-form PP spherulites in neat PP and PP/whisker composites without [beta]-nucleating agent, almost all the spherulites in samples containing [beta]-nucleating agent are highly birefringent [beta]-form ones.
Polarization of the air-dried Diff-Quik-stained slides revealed abundant intracellular and extracellular needle-shaped crystals that were birefringent and bright yellow (Figure, D).