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T](L) = [absolute value of E] - 1 holds, our observations above imply that there must be a unique bipartition A, B of X with [laplace] [subset or equal to] A [disjunction] B and that, given any cord [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], the union [laplace] [union] {xy} is an edge-weight lasso for T if and only if [[lambda].
Thus, we would arrive at a locally minimal bipartition (X', Y') with [e.
This has implications on how the cut-edges of G are oriented with respect to G s bipartition and in which parts asteroidal triples lie.
In this paper, we investigate the restricted bipartition function [c.
The former, consists in comparing the BLIM with other models, called bipartition models (BPMs), in which the invariance assumption is explicitly violated; if the comparison favors a BPM, then the conclusion is that invariance is violated.
With full awareness of the complexities of the linguistic situation and the limitations of this simplistic bipartition, I will use these terms in this way, although a more accurate way to describe language use in Italy may be as a spectrum of language varieties, with 'Italian' and 'dialect' at the two ends, and the forms resulting from mutual interference in between.
1961, Bipartition et tripartition des systemes de tons dans quelques langues d'Extreme-Orient.
Dans cette bipartition, la section instrumentale est releguee en toile de fond, tandis que la partie <<serieuse>> commence avec le long sarakhbor (<<introduction>>) qui dure plus de dix minutes, sur un poeme classique, et dont l'interpretation demande des capacites vocales exceptionnelles.
Ce cheminement illustre l'approche specifique de la dogmatique juridique usuelle au sens ou le droit questionne seulement le sexe et non le genre, il elabore une identite objectivee par les seules donnees anatomiques visibles et n'authentifie qu'une bipartition sexuee reposant sur la difference biologique ordinaire, en repoussant par la toute discordance.
Le code introduit le systeme de la bipartition (delits et contraventions), se detachant de la tradition des codes preunitaires (sauf le code de la Toscane) et du modele napoleonien.
Rathus found as 78 reliability with the Test repeat method the reliability work of assertiveness and as 77 with the bipartition method of the test.