biotic community

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An assemblage of species living in a particular biotope.
Synonym(s): biotic community
[bio- + G. koinos, common]


A group of interdependent organisms living in a particular ecosystem under uniform environmental conditions.

biotic community

all the organisms living on and contributing to a specific region (a BIOTA).


1. pertaining to life or living organisms.
2. pertaining to the biota.

biotic community
the assemblage of living things, including animals, plants and bacteria, which inhabit a specific biotope.
biotic potential
the theoretical reproductive potential of a population when unimpeded by the environment.
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Although the plant species found within this biome are variable and interspersed, they were grouped by the authors into the River Floodplain biotic community.
Leopold once said, "A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity stability and beauty of the biotic community.
In the Lower Rio Grande Valley, red-billed pigeons occur in the falcon woodland biotic community of the Tamaulipan biotic province (Blair, 1950; Butterwick and Strong, 1976), which is ranked fifth in the top 100 nationally significant fish and wildlife areas (United States Fish and Wildlife Service, 1980).
The habitat and biotic community changes described here demonstrate how human activities at a site location can initiate a series of events that may have far reaching effects on an estuarine system.
The Ramaderos biotic community is found at the western edge of the refuge.
In a letter to the EP, about 50 leading US environmental, consumer and social justice campaigners said that the EP's ruling "makes the entire biotic community, including human beings, into nothing more than resources over which pharmaceutical and agricultural corporations may vie for ultimate control.
But nature suffers as well in this separation from human beings, because it is deprived of the services that humans render as rightful citizens of the biotic community.
Fueled by Clements's ecology, the environmental vision has subsequently embraced a very narrow interpretation of Aldo Leopold's famous ethical dictum: "A thing is right when it preserves the integrity, stability, and beauty of the biotic community [and] wrong when it tends otherwise.