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This third regional conference is dedicated to affordable and appropriate biosafety and biosecurity - bringing cutting edge technologies and methodologies to the region that can help improve biosafety and biosecurity practices immediately, within existing budgets, and appropriate to the biological risks faced by communities in the region.
Biosecurity Tasmania responded to a report yesterday of uncooked imported fish being sold at two Southern Tasmanian Coles supermarkets, it took immediate action and within hours the products were recalled.
Speaking exclusively to Country and Farming, Professor Glossop stressed that biosecurity is now the UK's first line of defence against serious notifiable infectious diseases.
Few had seriously planned for such a biological threat, and there was certainly no multidisciplinary community devoted to improving biosecurity.
Chief vet Debby Reynolds said the biosecurity zone was a precautionary measure to ensure enhanced vigilance among vets and animal keeper s.
Financial support was provided by Biosecurity Australia and facilitated by David Banks.
The NPPC board decided in mid April to cancel the show, based on input from its health and biosecurity committees, Iowa producers concerned about the possibility the disease would be brought to their state, and exhibitors.
The guidance also recognizes the steps industry has taken proactively to address potential biosecurity risks and seeks to minimize negative impacts on research and business.
Some of the specific issues discussed included the Biosecurity Import Risk Analysis process, the function of the Director General of Biosecurity and compliance and enforcement provisions.
Preventing the spread of the disease sometimes comes down to the basics of biosecurity, the concept of ensuring the safety and well-being of a flock by curbing the disease's introduction in the first place.
The fellows in this year's class are equally smart, committed, and enthusiastic about the diverse field of biosecurity.
A biosecurity inspection of all the copies of Perry's "PRISM" album that will be coming into Australia was ordered.