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For example, if community members are employed by the bioprospectors (as technicians, for example), then they may deserve special compensation for their work.
The wealth of bioresources in Taiwan has, of course, drawn the attention of bioprospectors.
For example, to some extent, the Philippine law that adopts an extremely complicated and multi-layered consent process has hindered the attempts of foreign bioprospectors to seek GR access there.
The disappointing conclusion to the process for foreign bioprospectors was actually a result of the lack of PIC regulations.
Third, the interest of bioprospectors should be properly safeguarded.
The unbridled use of the system by a state government could harm foreign bioprospectors and conflict with the objectives of the CBD.
For the first time in history, bioprospectors are expected to compensate source countries, thanks to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), signed at the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Brazil.
He sees bioprospecting as a win-win situation for bioprospectors, public health, and source countries when treaties are equitable.
By one measure at least, the CBD has seen success in its first decade: most nations now expect bioprospectors to enter into benefit-sharing agreements before delving into a country's natural products.