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Caption: Solegear's bioplastic products, such as this air freshener tray, are based on bio-sourced and biodegradable polylactide (PLA) with nontoxic additives mixed in to optimize the properties of the material.
Extender Producer Responsibility is a great introduction to what I call the "burden of bioplastics.
In the latest round of trials, conducted by Accinelli's group near Bologna from 2009 to 2010, bioplastic formulations ofK49 netted similar aflatoxin reductions (65 to 97 percent, depending on where applied).
The automaker has been working on applying bioplastics to automobiles since 2000 to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions and its use of petroleum resources, it said.
Basically, a bioplastic is a polymer made--wholly or in part--from a renewable, plant-based feedstock.
Teijin also is exploring possibilities for the chemical recycling of used BIOFRONT products, aiming to further enhance the environmental friendliness of the plant-based bioplastic.
He's looking at adding other low-cost agricultural ingredients to his bioplastics.
The bioplastic tray is made from maize starch, a renewable resource, and is compostable and biodegradable.
Toyota predicts that the use of the bioplastic material will grow from the current figure of 20, 000 tonnes a year to 30 million tonnes, which will account for a fifth of total global plastic demand.
Biome Bioplastics has also transformed these chemicals into a material that shows promising properties for use as an advanced bioplastic.
Chapter 1 provides a presentation and analysis of the market for bioplastics, including forecasts up to 2021: In addition to revenues, demand for and production of each bioplastic as well as influencing factors are explained in detail.
as an international brand owner, made a significant contribution to moving bioplastics from a niche packaging product to a mass market product with the introduction of Activia and Actimel in bioplastic packaging (PLA and Green HDPE).