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Out of the blue, her biological mother made contact and they've been getting on well.
The girl's parents are dead and she comes looking for her biological mother.
While Christoffersen spelled out dinner menus - turkey enchiladas one night, spaghetti the next - she didn't flinch when some of the children referred to their biological mother as ``Mom.
Washington, Oct 16 (ANI): Steve Jobs' death may have grabbed the world's attention because of the headlines that hit global newspapers, but one of the very few people who is unaware of the tragic news is his own ill biological mother.
She said: "Mo has found out she's adopted and she has been trying to discover who her biological mother is for weeks.
Allegations of the abuse arose when the teen fled to Utah to live with her biological mother, authorities said.
Debbie is the biological mother of Prince Michael, 13, and Paris, 12.
The woman, 42, who was paid pounds 10,000 to carry them, wanted to keep Baby A and B despite not being the biological mother.
Rowe, the biological mother of Jackson's two eldest kids Prince, 12, and Paris, 11, is suing Rebecca White as part of her ongoing defamation lawsuit.
The London woman claims neither Debbie Rowe, 48, believed to be the biological mother of the Jackson's two eldest children, nor his first wife, Lisa Marie Presley, 38, had sex with him.
The Long Beach couple who adopted him are suing the county, alleging social workers deliberately withheld information that their son's biological mother had a history of mental illness.
The decision came after Katherine reached an out-of-court deal with Debbie Rowe, the former wife of Jackson and the biological mother of the two eldest children.

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