biological marker

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(1) A characteristic which is objectively measured and evaluated as an indicator of normal biological processes, pathogenic processes or pharmacologic responses to a therapeutic intervention.
(2) A molecular indicator of a specific biological property or function that can be measured in blood or other body fluids or tissues; a biochemical feature or facet that can be used to suggest the presence of a particular disease, measure its progress or the effects of treatment.
PSA for prostate cancer, Hb1a for glucose control in diabetics, troponin I for acute MI.

biological marker

Biomarker, a substance, physiological characteristic, gene, etc. that indicates, or may indicate, the presence of disease, a physiological abnormality or a psychological condition.
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Some have argued that all the main risk factors that can be discovered using questionnaires and crude biological markers have already been found and that we need more sensitive and specific biomarkers of exposure, susceptibility, and outcome to refine our knowledge about disease mechanisms and risks (1).
A biological marker may have little or nothing to do with the causes of a disease, Small and Greenberg caution, although platelet abnormalities could indicate alzheimer's is a metabolic disease extending well beyond the brain.
Bone lead as a biological marker in epidemiologic studies of chronic toxicity: conceptual paradigms.
Biological marker levels and quadriceps muscle strength measures of study population Female (n=130) Male (n=22) Quadriceps muscle strength MMT (lb) 29.
Fevipiprant, which is being developed by Novartis, reduced a biological marker of asthma nearly five-fold in the 12-week trial involving 61 patients, researchers said on Saturday.
The research team, led by Dr James Brown, has proven a significant link exists between Irisin levels in the blood and a biological marker of ageing called telomere length.
A team of Chinese scientists has identified a new biological marker that can help diagnose lung cancer more accurately and easily.
Higher levels of the chemicals were associated with higher levels of nitric oxide in exhaled breath, which is a biological marker of airway inflammation.
Studies should consider sexual behaviour when evaluating condom effectiveness and would be strengthened by the use of a biological marker of semen to determine whether ejaculation, and therefore a true risk of exposure, occurred.
Eugene Lipov, coauthor of Exit Strategy for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: New Hope for War Fighters & Civilians Alike, plans to treat patients and follow up with biological marker tests that would help prove his theory that PTSD is a medical, not a psychological, condition.
Objective: The study was carried out to evaluate the role of serum eosinophil cationic protein (ECP) as a biological marker for the diagnosis and to assess the severity of bronchial asthma.
A prognostic factor is a biological marker that helps determine the course and outcome of a disease.

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