biological dressing

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biological dressing

a dressing for burn injuries that is made from pigskin or synthetic materials with characteristics like those of human skin. The dressing is most effective in treating burns that are of uniform depth and of superficial partial thickness. It should be applied as soon as possible after the injury and should adhere to the wound during healing. Once adherence is established the wound can be left open and the patient can bathe and wear clothing over it.


1. any of various materials used for covering and protecting a wound. A pressure dressing is used for maintaining constant pressure, as in the control of bleeding. A protective dressing is applied to shield a part from injury or from septic infection.
2. of a carcass of meat see carcass dressing.

biological dressing
skin grafts.
dry dressing
support and pressure bandages not applied to moist wounds.
occlusive dressing
plastic film placed over medication that has been applied to the skin enhances absorption by trapping moisture, raising skin temperature and concentrating the medication.
dressing percentage
see carcass yield.
wet dressing
soaking of a bulky dressing to aid in cleansing, drainage and débridement of a wound. May be applied intermittently or continuously.
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