biological chemistry

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biological chemistry


(kem'i-stre) [Ult. fr Gr. chemeia, alchemy]
The science dealing with the molecular and atomic structure of matter and the composition of substances (their formation, decomposition, and transformations). chemical (kem'i-kal), adjective

analytical chemistry

Chemistry concerned with the detection of chemical substances (qualitative analysis) or the determination of the amounts of substances (quantitative analysis) in a compound.

biological chemistry


colloid chemistry

The chemistry of emulsions, mists, foams, and suspensions.

combinatorial chemistry

The manufacturing of molecules having specific sizes, shapes, or functional characteristics using computer-aided algorithms or design rules.

computational chemistry

The use of mathematical formulas to simulate or study a variety of chemical characteristics, including a compound's electronic structure, geometry, potential energy, and kinetic rate constants.

general chemistry

The study of the entire field of chemistry with emphasis on fundamental concepts or laws.

inorganic chemistry

The chemistry of compounds not containing carbon.

nuclear chemistry

Radiochemistry; the study of changes that take place within the nucleus of an atom, esp. when the nucleus is bombarded by electrons, neutrons, or other subatomic particles.

organic chemistry

The branch of chemistry dealing with substances that contain carbon compounds.

pathological chemistry

The study of chemical changes induced by disease processes (e.g., changes in the chemistry of organs and tissues, blood, secretions, or excretions).

pharmaceutical chemistry

The chemistry of medicines, their composition, synthesis, analysis, storage, and actions.

physical chemistry

Theoretical chemistry; the chemistry concerned with fundamental laws underlying chemical changes and the mathematical expression of these laws.

physiological chemistry

The subdivision of biochemistry concerned with chemical processes in living organisms.
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