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At present, it is not clear what lifestyle or genetic factors influence a person's biological age.
The first thing I think a parent should know for sure is what is their son's biological age.
Objective: Chronology poorly predicts biological age (BA) or physiologic reserve (PR).
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (Madison, WI) has patented a method of measuring the biological age of a multicellular organism.
Research has shown that biological age, the rate at which our bodies grow old, is not set in stone and it is possible to delay and even reverse the ravages of time by following a relevant lifestyle plan.
Using a new automated analytical instrument called OxyScan, developed by OXIS International, individuals can identify the greatest risk factors for exercise-induced oxidative stress damage, and will soon allow individuals to compare their biological age versus chronological age.
Consumers wish to feel younger than their biological age, and they want their appearance to reflect their inner youthfulness.
The innovative visual fitness planner tool used in the consultation identifies your present health age, which can be different than your biological age.
The Life Length Telomere Analysis Technology (TAT) offers a unique biomarker since telomeres are best predictors of biological age that is closely related with the onset of cardiovascular diseases the incidence of which is relatively high in this region particularly in the UAE.
ISLAMABAD -- Dog owners over the age of 65 act and feel 10 years younger than their biological age, says a study.

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