biologic response modifier

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1. an agent or method that causes something else to change.
biologic response modifier (BRM) (biological response modifier) a method or agent, such as a cytokine, monoclonal antibody, or vaccine, that alters host-tumor interaction. This is usually accomplished by amplifying the antitumor mechanisms of the immune system, but it also may be effected by mechanisms that affect host or tumor cell characteristics, either directly or indirectly. Called also biomodulator.
problem modifier on level three of the problem classification scheme of the omaha system, either of the two sets of terms used in conjunction with client problems, allowing the nurse to identify ownership of the problem and its degree of severity in relation to client interest, risk factors, and signs or symptoms.

biologic response modifier

agent that modifies host responses to neoplasms by enhancing immune systems or reconstituting impaired immune mechanisms.
Synonym(s): immunomodulator

bi·o·log·ic res·ponse mod·i·fi·er

(bī'ŏ-loj'ik rĕ-spons' mod'i-fī-ĕr)
Agent that modifies host responses to neoplasms by enhancing immune systems or reconstituting impaired immune mechanisms.
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Similarly to biologic response modifiers, Tofacitinib may increase risk for infection and cause liver abnormalities.
Lange said the database did not distinguish interferon use from other immune therapies in the biologic response modifier category.
1-3) The discovery and development of targeted biologic response modifiers (BRMs), particularly TNF antagonists, for the treatment of RA has dramatically changed the treatment paradigm and clinical outcomes for RA patients.
Top Concerns of Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients Disability 53% Inability to care for self 53% Inability to do hobbies 52% Deformity 45% Inability to care for family 45% Note: Based on a survey of 500 RA patients taking disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs or biologic response modifiers, conducted Aug.
Krischner notes that for many Aboriginal people, biologic response modifiers, which are classified as gold standard level of drugs and which can help fight arthritis, are not available through the federal non-insured health benefit drug reimbursement plan.
Biologic response modifiers, led by Humira and Enbrel, had the greatest impact among specialty drugs.
The complexity of lupus provides multiple potential targets for biologic response modifiers, including the B cell, which is quantitatively and functionally abnormal in lupus; the interface between B cells and T cells; and various cytokines involved in the inflammatory response, Dr.
There is also research on signal transduction inhibitors, biologic response modifiers, proteasome inhibitors etc.
A previous edition is cited in Brandon/Hill, the tenth edition adds 1,500 color photographs, a chapter on cosmetic surgery, and material on dermatopathologic staining, biologic response modifiers, and biologically-engineered targeted medications.