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1. In dentistry, attachment of tissue to an alloplastic material.
2. Being combined, or the process of combining, into a complete and harmonious whole.
3. In physiology, the process of building up.


n a condition that occurs when ceramic implant materials are used and there is no space located between the bone and dental implant.
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2] laser has been reported to have good biointegration [47].
Few bioactive phases have been added into alumina to achieve biointegration [63].
Topography of zirconia implants have been modified and their biointegration were studied [71], UV modification [72], laser modification [73], and methodologies like surface modifications have been explored [74, 75].
However, complete biointegration has not been reported and is only a highly compatible and inert material.
PEEK based implants have been explored for past 10 years and have shown promising biocompatibility, their biointegration is still an unanswered question.
They have used DBM along with PS to achieve bioactivity and not biointegration [108].