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Unfortunately, Professor Greenblatt isn't alone among Bard biographers in offering readers a fictionalized account, based on speculation and imagination, of Shakespeare's life.
Those interested in the daily work of the biographer are certain to find the first half of Backsheider's book of most interest, and here one finds a number of clues to the biographer's art that should be taken seriously by readers and writers alike.
As Atlas leads us through his own experiences as a biographer, he makes detours into the lives and writings of those biographers who came before him--Plutarch, James Boswell, Thomas Carlyle--to more deeply explore the art of biography itself.
In the show, royal biographer Ingrid Seward said: "People were saying, 'How could they?
He also summons Leon Edel, the great Henry James biographer who advocated the other extreme, calling biographies of lesser subjects than his "interminable gossip," said only that an "obscure wound," which may or may not have involved a bicycle, may or may not have affected James's sexual life--which Edel accordingly did not describe, as if this "gossip" has no bearing on this great writer of novels about the human condition.
But as a biographer you know that your understanding of this person's life is part projection, part fable, and only partly the stringing together of facts.
The first chapter, "Beginnings," introduces the reader to Donaldson's own experience as a literary biographer.
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Today, after four or five generations of authors have absorbed Freudian theory, all biography is in a sense Freudian, even if the biographer affects to disdain his theories.
Could it be that the cautious writer, the writer bent on pleasing his/her biographical subject (and accompanying estate, friends and family), the writer who avoids complications that interfere with romantic images of a subject, is most likely to fail to achieve an empathy that leads to important self-discovery for the biographer and her readers?
Biographer failed to make the expected impact last term but further improvement is anticipated as he makes his seasonal bow in the totepool EBF Stallions Barry hills Further Flight Stakes at Nottingham.
Staying is the name of the game in the Betfred TV Geoffrey Freer Stakes, in which Biographer gets the nod for the David Lanigan team.