An element required or used by a living organism.
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One, zinc, is an important bioelement in the immune and nervous systems; and imbalances may accompany mood disturbances.
Effect of short-term ethanol administration on cadmium retention and bioelement metabolism in rats continuously exposed to cadmium.
In our experience, there is a tendency to think that all heating oils with a bioelement are the same but this is not the case.
Strontium is geochemically similar to the important bioelement calcium (Ca), meaning that Sr stable isotopes can be used as a traceability index in environmental and ecosystem studies.
In conclusion, it can be noted that CAPE has positive effects on malathion origin damage when the bioelement concentrations are considered.
Aboveground litter production and bioelement potential return in an evergreen oak (Quercus rotundifolia) woodland near Salamanca (Spain).
Podzolic processes and bioelement pools in subarctic forest soils at the Kevo Station, Finnish Lapland.
Biomass and bioelement inventory of primary and secondary vegetation.
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