biochemical changes

biochemical changes (bī·ō·keˈmik·l chāˑ·ng-gz),

n one of the five components of the subluxation model proposed by Dishman and Lantz.
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MicroCHIPS' technologies enable the creation of in- and on-body devices that can sense vital biochemical changes, deliver potent drug therapies and communicate using wireless technologies.
Dwivedi's team is now trying to identify biochemical changes in coral tissues chronically exposed to TBT.
For example, he says, "The treated animals may have exhibited some evidence of toxicity such as tissue lesions, biochemical changes, or behavioral changes.
The researchers have developed the technology to measure certain biochemical changes in bladder tissue, including excess DNA in cells and elevated levels of certain proteins.
The biochemical changes observed provide insight into the biochemical consequences of transformation and provide candidate biomarkers of ovarian oncogenesis.
We had previously found that chronic antipsychotic drug administration causes biochemical changes in the brain that may limit the therapeutic effects of these drugs," Dr.
5M round of funding to support the next phase of its development, is creating a new generation of sophisticated medical systems that can sense critical biochemical changes and rapidly deliver therapy.
Researchers still "have to show how [these variations] lead to biochemical changes that ultimately result in diabetes," he says.
The new work shows that these biochemical changes can be detected much sooner than typical symptoms would appear - even within a few hours.
mVision's unbiased and non-targeted approach to biomarker discovery allows scientists to observe drug- or disease- induced biochemical changes over virtually the entire spectrum of biochemical pathways.
The excess somehow instigates biochemical changes that damage blood vessels.
The article describes the application of non-targeted biochemical profiling (metabolomics) to study the biochemical changes in human lung epithelial cell lines of cystic fibrosis (CF) patients.