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What other technologies can be brought in as a future bioassay platform?
frugiperda larvae that consumed mixtures of spinosad and SfMNPV in semi-synthetic diet bioassays had a significant increase in mortality compared with insects that consumed either of these 2 components alone.
Vacuum oven-drying was used to artificially weather the test specimens as described in the termite bioassay.
After each decontamination, the plates were allowed to dry for 48 hours before the insect bioassay was performed.
In the time it takes a scientist to manually measure one bioassay plate, AutoZONE enables a laboratory to analyse 25 plates and produce extremely accurate results.
Comparison of the mouse bioassay and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay procedures for the detection of type A botulinal toxin in food.
The brine shrimp lethality bioassay was carried out according to McLaughlin et al.
The bioassay procedure was as follows: a 2-mL overnight culture was used to inoculate 18 mL of fresh selective sc medium.
This bioassay has been successfully used to isolate fractions enriched in potential cancer chemopreventive agents in table beets, green beans, green onion, soybeans, oats and cranberry fruit.
Current methods are labor-intensive affairs performed by laboratory technicians using specialized equipment, says Pettis, whose bioassay approach will appear in the American Bee Journal.
In a follow-up experiment we will use our bioassay to test a known aquatic toxicant (atrazine).
The objectives of this review are to discuss some of the key methodological obstacles in designing and selecting an appropriate screening bioassay and some of the most commonly used screening bioassays for assessing allelopathic potential in crop germplasm.