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Bioactive foods and their emerging role in immunomodulation, inflammation and arthritis
Oleos's proprietary oleo eco-extraction technology produces 100% natural bioactive compounds for cosmetic applications including anti-aging qualities, dark spot diminishment and skin whitening.
Scientists at the University of Tennessee used L-glutamine as a model water-soluble bioactive compound and developed a delivery system that may find novel applications in supplementing bioactive compounds in functional foods.
In regions such as North America and Europe, the consumers are turning towards plant products and prefer consuming bioactive ingredients derived from plants.
Maria Hayes and her colleagues reviewed almost 100 scientific studies and concluded that that some seaweed proteins work just like the bioactive peptides in milk products to reduce blood pressure almost like the popular ACE inhibitor drugs.
Vitoss Bioactive Bone Graft Substitute is designed to fill bony voids or gaps of the skeletal system (i.
They cover herbal medicines and bioactive foods and cancer treatment, bioactive foods and supplements in cancer prevention, specific cancers targeted by therapies with bioactive foods and their products, and non-botanical dietary compounds.
Bioactive materials have a strong role to play in health-care and biological applications.
Some applications for bioactive paper currently being investigated include:
San Diego, CA) , the category leader in developing therapeutic agents against bioactive lipids, announced that Dr.
State-of-the-art technology at Iowa State's Metabolomics Research Laboratory will assist researchers at the new center by determining the bioactive constituents of these plants.
Bioactive Food as Dietary Interventions for Diabetes is the only available scientific resource focused on exploring the latest advances in bioactive food research, and the potential benefit of bioactive food choice on the diabetic condition.