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A RE-WRITE of traditional Bible stories featuring Goliath as a celebrity binge drinker is to be launched this week by a Christian charity.
Everyone I know who drinks - if this stupid, ridiculous advert is to be believed - is now a binge drinker.
Each student was classified either as an abstainer, a non-binge drinker, an occasional binge drinker or a frequent binge drinker.
In this study, 48% of the respondents were male and 52% were female, and the binge drinker by country by gender cross-tabulation revealed no significant difference.
A BINGE drinker walked out of a shop without paying for lager.
Lorraine Ivison, of Pallister Park, Middlesbrough, said she will drink about eight halves of lager (eight units) on a night out but does not see herself as a binge drinker as she only goes out a couple of times a month.
In the county study, a binge drinker was defined as someone who has five or more drinks on one occasion.
BINGE DRINKER won well at Bangor last time but is stepping up in class in the Doom Bar Sefton Novices' Hurdle (4.
No, according to the CDC, a man is a binge drinker if at any point in the last month he has consumed five or more drinks "on an occasion"; for a woman, the cutoff is four drinks.
1999), being a binge drinker, even a weekly binge drinker, did not increase one's odds of presenting to an ER.
The Prayer For The Binge Drinker At Christmas asks for compassion for such people, saying: "We especially remember those who binge drink regardless of the consequences.
GOVERNMENT guidelines on drinking mean that you have to consume less than maybe you thought to be considered a binge drinker.