binding site

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binding site

Etymology: ME, binden + L, situs
the location on the surface of a cell or a molecule where other cell fragments or molecules attach to initiate a chemical or physiological action.

binding site

(1) Antigen-binding site, see there.
(2) A nonspecific term for any site at which two or more molecules join as a part of a reaction.

binding site

an area of an ENZYME to which other molecules can attach. Such an area can be an ACTIVE SITE for particular substrates or for other molecules, as in COMPETITIVE INHIBITION. Alternatively, some enzymes possess two binding sites, one for substrate attachment, the other for attachment of other molecules as in noncompetitive inhibition and allosteric inhibition (see ALLOSTERIC INHIBITORS).

binding site,

n the location on the surface of a cell or molecule where other cell fragments or molecules attach to initiate a chemical or physiologic action.

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A. There are a number of ideas and resources for social and recreational activities (i.e. wheelchair sports, dancing, travel, aviation, etc.) that may be helpful, which can be found at

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Results of sequence analysis also revealed the presence of a putative Sp1/KLF-binding site around 200 bp region upstream of the transcription start site (data not shown), suggesting that, like the human Nanog, this site might act as a binding site for members of the KLF family, such as KLF4 and Sp3 (Wu and Yao, 2006; Chan et al.
2) The i classes of binding sites are assumed to be mutually independent, so that the binding ratio on one class of site does not dependent on that of the other.
The binding sites of E2 were further explored in this paper to clarify the mechanism of E2 in the infection of hepatocytes.
Furthermore, C8[beta] effectively blocks C8 incorporation into the MAC; therefore it must compete for the same binding site on C5b-7.
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This comparison shows that the occurrence and spacing of multiple putative binding sites in the F.
lt;BSir Adrian Cadbury, Sir Dominic Cadbury and Prof Jo Bradwell at The Binding Site after winning a Queens Award in 2007
Franks, PhD, professor of biophysics and anaesthetics, the group has spent years creating a photoanalogue of propofol that both behaves in precisely the same way as propofol and contains a labeling group that permanently attaches to its binding site on the GAB receptor when exposed to a specific wavelength of light.
The Binding Site has enjoyed exceptional growth in the past decade, with revenues rising from pounds 10 million in 2003 to over pounds 42 million in 2010.
Jo Bradwell, the founder and chairman of The Binding Site, said that Charles brings a wealth of international and operational expertise, and his experience in driving dynamic, high growth businesses will be invaluable as the company meets the challenge of the next phase of its development.
That company has evolved into Binding Site with hundreds of FDA-cleared diagnostic products, subsidiaries in the United States, Germany, France, and Spain, and a distributor network in 62 other countries.