binary complex

bi·na·ry com·plex

a noncovalent complex of two molecules; often referring to the enzyme-substrate complex in an enzyme-catalyzed reaction. Compare: central complex, Michaelis complex.
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IGF-I treatment increases the binary complex of IGF-I and IGFBP-3, but only GH treatment induces the formation of both the binary and ternary complexes (Gargosky et al.
Also highly recommended are Volume 2: Double Jeopardy, Volume 3: The Binary Complex, and Volume 4: Mirror Image.
2] Amongst experimental evidence that the interactions give rise to the formation of a binary complex (Figure 1a) are solid-liquid phase diagrams, [3,4] and indications in 1H-NMR or IR spectra of the existence of hydrogen bonds.
The ternary complex in step (2) must thus be preceded by formation of the binary complex in step (1); a proposal that is different the one of McGlashan and Rastogi.
Intrinsic protein fluorescence quenching studies demonstrated that both inhibitors bound to the free enzyme and to the E-NADP+ binary complex.
These reactions include the formation of a binary complex between the metal and mono-deprotonated ascorbic acid molecule, and dioxygen coordination by the bound metal.
The structure of the binary complex of the enzyme and glutathione indicates that the hydroxyl group of Tyr6 is located between 3.
Gilliland, The Three-Dimensional Structure of a Glutathione S-Transferase from the Mu Gene Class: Structural Analysis of the Binary Complex of Isozyme 3-3 and Glutathione at 2.
Data indicate that cTnI circulates mainly as a binary complex with cTnC in the blood of patients with acute MI, but it also circulates as free cTnI and as a ternary complex, cTnICT.
The predominant form of cTnI in acute myocardial infarction (AMI) patients is the binary complex IC (8,11).
At the time these studies were performed, we did not have the binary complex of cTnI-C, thus we did not calibrate the column for this complex.