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But note that we need a row of 1000 of these square-metre areas to make an area that has 1 square-millimetre as 1 billionth of the total unit-area.
While they demonstrated the method on atoms cooled to one billionth of a degree, they also showed that it should work for atoms hundreds of times cooler, meaning the thermometer will be an invaluable tool for physicists pushing the cold frontier.
The patient received TP-38 at a dose of 25 billionths of a gram per hour until she had received a total dose of a millionth of a gram.
The TMS-2000RC can now measure disk surface roughness less than one Angstrom (one angstrom is four billionths of an inch) as well as determine the microroughness of the surface in both the radial and circumferential direction simultaneously.
A fatal dose is just 100 billionths of a gram, making the toxin one of the most lethal poisons known.
This advanced laser measurement technology (TMS-RC) allows the surface of each disk to be measured to levels below one-half of an angstrom (one angstrom is four billionths of an inch).
Furthermore, less material is needed to do a cholesterol analysis; only about 50 billionths of a gram gives reliable carbon isotope ratios.
At $80,000 per month for a transcontinental T-3 line, the cost today of transporting a single bit is about two nanodollars, or two billionths of a dollar.