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1. Use of two languages in which neither may be regarded as necessarily secondary to the other.
2. Any fluent use of a second language.
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One-parent, one-language,' a widely adopted method of bilingualism recommended for parents (e.
That requires a commitment to a vision of bilingualism as unity in diversity, a vision in place of facile division.
For successful businesses across the globe, bilingualism and an appreciation of differing cultures are an important part of their marketing strategies enabling them to strengthen company brands whilst also making them more relevant to local customers.
We are delighted and proud to be able to organize a forum for sharing ideas and experiences for all those like us who are deeply passionate about and deeply committed to bilingualism," said Sean Lynch, Head of School, Lycee Francais de New York.
Bilingualism is the norm all over Europe and is the fairest system, but if Mr Smith and his ilk resent public funds paying for it then I'm sure they can do without the English translations on which they rely.
She argues that this interplay is indicative of an inherent bilingualism that proceeds hand-in-hand with a bicultural self-fashioning.
My view is that late-life language learning is probably beneficial, not because of bilingualism but because learning a language is a stimulating mental activity and a good way to exercise your brain," the Guardian quoted her as saying.
Welsh bilingualism was a cheap and totally effective answer to the Welsh problem.
Ms Deuchar added: "We have achieved great inroads into understanding complex issues surrounding bilingualism, in Welsh/English and also other bilingual areas throughout the world.
Gandara's report, "Is There Really a Labor Market Advantage to Bilingualism in the U.
Early on, bilingualism was thought to be a disadvantage because the presence of two vocabularies would lead to delayed language development in children.
SIR - It is inadvisable to be swayed so completely by research into bilingualism unless you read the "small print" and also consider those studies that cast doubt on the advantages.

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