bile duct obstruction

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biliary obstruction

A blockage of the bile ducts with accumulation of bile in the liver.
Clinical findings
Colicky upper right-quadrant pain, jaundice, itching, dark-coloured urine.

Stone, tumour, pancreas (tumours or pancreatitis), cholecystitis, bile duct cysts, trauma, bile duct stricture, enlarged lymph nodes.

bile duct obstruction

Most cases are caused by gallstones or by cancer of the head of the PANCREAS. Signs are pale stools, dark urine, progressive yellow colouring of the skin by deposition of bile pigments (JAUNDICE), itching and loss of appetite and weight.

bile duct

1. generally, any of the biliary passages.
2. specifically the terminal segment of the biliary tree extending from the union of the common hepatic duct and cystic duct to the major duodenal papilla. See also bile passages.

bile duct atresia
if it is extensive it causes jaundice and steatorrhea soon after birth. It is observed rarely in kittens and puppies.
bile duct calculi
bile duct canaliculi
formed between adjacent hepatocytes these are the smallest components of the biliary system; they open into biliary ductules.
bile duct carcinoma
see cholangiocellular carcinoma.
bile duct cysts
occur in all species and are probably derived from occluded or atretic embryonic bile ducts.
bile duct ductule
bile duct.
bile duct dyskinesia
a much-argued diagnosis in human medicine. The diagnosis assumes that there is a failure of biliary flow into the intestine for other than physical reasons. The hypothesis likens the problem to that of irritable colon. There is no proof of the existence of the malfunction in humans, much less in animals.
bile duct fibrosis
a common severe lesion, accompanied by mineralization, as a result of infestation by Fasciola hepatica.
bile duct hyperplasia
may be part of a general reaction of the liver but is most important as a purely cholangiolar proliferation, usually as a result of exposure to a poison such as butter yellow.
bile duct inflammation
bile duct obstruction
see biliary obstruction.
bile duct proliferation
see bile duct hyperplasia (above).
bile duct radiology
bile duct rupture/perforation
most ruptures are traumatic and result in leakage of bile into the peritoneal cavity. See also biliary peritonitis.
bile duct tumors
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