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We have recently published a study showing that the MECA supports high-resolution polymer sizing with a single biological nanopore (alpha-haemolysin) - one of the most exacting tasks in bilayer recording- in a parallel format.
This preferentially allows either positive or negative ions to pass through the bilayer and creates a voltage across it," LaVan said.
Oblique drop impact; Phospholipid monolayers; Bilayer formation
From the linear increase in conductivity, we can conclude that there may be a linear charge accumulation with increment of bilayer.
No other material can do this, only bilayer graphene," Nature magazine quoted Wang as saying.
TOK) announced today that they have developed and launched a commercially available bilayer photoresist that uses a silicon polymer in the imaging layer, thereby improving etch selectivity to address the demands of 65nm lithography and beyond.
Editors Remaut (structural biology, Vrije University, Belgium) and Fronzes (biochemistry, Pasteur Institute, France) offer this compilation of research on the structure and function of lipid bilayer membranes in bacterial cells.
25) studied the effect of oscillatory shear amplitude and angular frequency on the interfacial morphology of reactive bilayer polymer system composed of end-functionalized polystyrene with carboxylic acid (PS-mCOOH) and poly(methyl methacrylate-ran-glycidylmethacrylate) (PMMA-GMA) using an oscillatory shear rheometry.
Ion transport across the relatively impermeable lipid bilayer of the cell membrane is accomplished via membrane proteins known as ion channels.
Up close, this web of proteins and fatty acids, a lipid bilayer, resembles a molecular thicket.
Among the topics are the photo-thermal spectroscopic imaging of MEMS structures with sub-micron spatial resolution, mechanically stable free-standing bilayer lipid membranes in microfabricated silicon chips, implementing bioMEMS for determining mechanical properties of biological cells, the rapid and sensitive detection of cardiac markers in human serum using surface acoustic wave immunosensors, and using wide band gap semiconductors to increase photocurrent in a protein-based photovoltaic device.
Apart from the spacing of these new crystallites, the monolayer and bilayer thickness of the surfactant tails and also of total thickness of the surfactant chain may be obtained from the data.