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A gene on chromosome 22q11.1, which encodes a member of the BCL-2 family of cell death regulators. BID heterodimerises with either agonist BAX or antagonist BCL2. Caspase-8 cleaves BID, mediating mitochondrial damage when the COOH-terminal part translocates to mitochondria, triggering cytochrome c release.

bis in di·e

, bid (bis in dē'ā)
Twice a day.


Abbreviation for bis in die.
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As noted above, Roth and Ockenfels (2002) argue convincingly that rational bidders may wait to place their final bid until near the end of an auction, in an effort to pay lower prices.
Impermissible contacts with the governmental entity occurs when the bidder contacts an individual at a state agency who is not the "designated contact person" for the particular procurement in an attempt to influence that agency.
i) Such bidder will extend its tender offer and close it no earlier than the other bidder's tender offer so as not to enjoy a timing advantage, subject to a reciprocal obligation on the part of the bidder selected by the Board;
The bidders were slightly different but both would work, Sanglerat said.
Stylized Fact #1: Sellers restrict the number of bidders.
Both sides should be required to agree that all tender offers (including increased offers made in accordance with paragraph 1 above) should be required to close simultaneously, with neither bidder having a timing advantage over the other.
This is the "winner's curse" and gives aggressive bidders an additional reason to rein in their enthusiasm.
Bidders will know exactly how much they are bidding with every bid.
The announcement that the MetLife building is up for sale may cause some Verizon bidders to reconsider the aggressiveness of their bids--and effectively take them out of the running--in an effort to reallocate financing towards the MetLife building's mammoth $1.
They also said the district wanted as many bidders as possible.
The first RFP targets small office buildings with under 200 kW of summer demand and calls for a total of 30 million kWh of energy savings, Edison will award three performance contracts to three different bidders each for 10 million kWh.