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A gene on chromosome 22q11.1, which encodes a member of the BCL-2 family of cell death regulators. BID heterodimerises with either agonist BAX or antagonist BCL2. Caspase-8 cleaves BID, mediating mitochondrial damage when the COOH-terminal part translocates to mitochondria, triggering cytochrome c release.

bis in di·e

, bid (bis in dē'ā)
Twice a day.


Abbreviation for bis in die.
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1 deadline for its bid for Delta Air Lines -- unless it gets support from Delta's creditors to perform due diligence and postpone a Feb.
For many agencies, this may be the time to contemplate online forward auctions--the more familiar type where buyers bid for excess property, materials, or equipment.
ollowed by a space and then your bid amount in cent and send it to 57582.
The BID has retained Atlantic Maintenance and FJC Security, a firm located within the BID, to handle the security patrols.
Often, we've found that it is the larger property owners who see the value of, and provide support for, the BID as it is being discussed and implemented.
That is, not only do bidders want to bid late, they might want to bid more than once.
Baize said his comments were misconstrued, and that he merely told TEC employees Belmont is ``an extremely important project,'' and that they shouldn't get involved until we were prepared to make a bid - long after he said he was out of the LAUSD's offices.
The problem to which I refer is the ignorance and sloppiness and sometimes evil intent, which result in vendors not getting copies of bids.
Start by connecting with the bid whist division of the National Card Sharks Association (http://members.
Another factor comes into play in the commonvalues case: Since all participants guess about the price--where the security will trade after the auction--a high bid signals a heightened probability of subsequent loss of profit for that bidder.
Delta Air Lines Seeks Creditor Help To Fend Off US Air Bid - Report.
The move was, seen as a stark departure from former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani's efforts to freeze BID budgets.