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pi·co·me·ter (pm),

(pī'kō-mē'tĕr, pē'-),
One trillionth of a meter.
Synonym(s): bicron


(pm) (pī'kō-mē'tĕr)
One trillionth of a meter.
Synonym(s): bicron, picometre.


a unit of length, 10−12 meter. Abbreviated pm.
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7 mm diameter cylindrical Bicron (1) BC-408 plastic scintillator energy detector surrounded by six trapezoidal veto scintillator paddles, made from the same plastic, in a conical arrangement as shown in Fig.
The positron lifetime spectra were measured as described elsewhere (9-11) using a fast-fast coincidence setup with Hamamatsu photomultipliers, Ortec electronic components, and Bicron BC420 scintillator material.
Product Launches/Innovations II-17 EVN Unveils New Transformer II-17 ABB Launches Vegetable Oil Transformer II-17 Pan Electro Technic Enterprises Unveils Oil Less Transformer II-17 GE Energy Launches Mobile Substation Transformer II-17 TDK Corp Introduces New Power Supply Transformers II-17 FISO Technologies Launches Nortech TT II-17 Zettler Magnetics Products Receives Class 2,3 Approval II-18 ABB Zaragoza Launches Advanced Dry Type Transformers II-18 Bicron Designs New Transformer Range II-18 Foster Transformers Introduces New Range of Current Transformers II-18 Toroid Launches Custom Built Transformers II-18 Zettler Launches AHR Series Power Transformers II-19
This branch of Union Carbide was recently acquired by Bicron Crystal Products, Washougal, WA.
4 four-circle Eulerian cradle goniometer, and a Bicron 1XM040 detector, coupled to a Hewlett-Packard computer with Hutex software.