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The average radius appeared after treatment of SS blood cells with anthocyanin extracts, indicating the reappearance of the normal and classical biconcave form of red blood cells.
Occasional specimens have only slightly biconcave blotches with the narrowest parts of the blotches about subequal in length to that of interspaces (for example, UTEP 3057, Presidio County, Texas; UTEP 10579, Terrell County, Texas).
Results of anatomic non-constrained prosthesis in primary osteoarthritis with biconcave glenoid.
Consequently, deoxygenated red cells lose their normal biconcave shape and become sickle-shaped.
16-19) Posterior biconcave defects of 10[degrees] and 20[degrees] were reamed into the composite scapulae with the aid of a cannulated reamer and custom jig.
The administration building is connected by a biconcave shaped connecting bridge to the existing administrative complex.
The fibrocartilaginous articular disc is biconcave, dividing the joint space into superior and inferior compartments; this relationship is well seen in the presence of joint effusion (Figure 2).
Ultrastructurally, the virus particles consisted of a convoluted outer membrane enclosing lateral bodies and a biconcave central core, typical for poxvirus.
The biconcave disk has 3 functional segments: A thick posterior band that is separated from the anterior band by the thin intermediate zone.
Although not all osteoarthritis of the shoulder results in the classic biconcave posterior worn B2 glenoid, (1) much does.
Type B2 involves posterior erosion with a biconcave glenoid.
Mechanical characteristics of a novel posterior-step prosthesis for biconcave glenoid defects.