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The bichon frise needed surgery on his stomach as a result of the incident.
Pudsey - a border collie, bichon frise and Chinese crested cross - won over fearsome judge Simon Cowell, who dubbed them one of his "favourite ever acts".
Her greatest joy in life was her Bichon Frise canine companion, Snowball, as well as her family.
But some of the dogs are quite small - the bichon frise pup, particularly - and Robbie's king-size bed is huge.
Snowflake Comes to Stay" is a delightful illustrated story of a small Bichon Frise puppy who comes to stay for just one week with a story-writing lady who does not need a dog.
When Pinocchio, the Bichon Frise, disappeared from his red pillow on a Chestnut Street porch in Glendale recently, owner Peacha Arredondo was sick to her stomach.
It was a Bichon Frise bash when Pat Dreffin hosted a birthday celebration for some special dogs at her Casey Key home.
Ex-Howards Way star Sally Farmiloe picked me up in a chauffeur-driven limo with Pasha, her Bichon Frise, fresh out of the puppy parlour with a candy-floss finish.
Whether you share your life with a boxer or basset hound, a Boston terrier or bichon frise, a brittany or bullmastiff, or even a bloodhound, Alton Baker Park is the place to kick back with your pooch today.
Andrew Burnett, who is in prison now for letting "road rage" get out of hand and throwing a bichon frise dog into oncoming traffic three years ago, is now suing the former owner of the dead dog and the San Jose (Ca.
Robert "Manny" Cashvan, and their dog, Shim-Sham, a fluffy white bichon frise who would fit easily into a ballet blanc.