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Are media outlets really biased against Republican candidates?
Therefore, one way of determining whether a news outlet is biased or not is to examine the amount of fairness and balance in its coverage.
Spot quickly that a forecast is biased--it is little use establishing that it was biased after the period concerned has ended.
Using an autorouter in these conditions makes sense; however, autorouters are biased and NSEW escapes are not compatible with layer-biased autorouting.
Murdock, who represents local resident and airport opponent Justine Turner, claimed Rew was ``openly hostile and biased against air park opponents'' during commission hearings.
Physicians are not immune from biased thinking any more than they are immune to disease.
Although Cashin (1995) believes that students' ratings of faculty, generally speaking, are reliable and relatively free from bias, McKeachie (1997) opposes them and suggests that students' ratings can be biased by variables other than teaching effectiveness.
Jon Stewart of "The Daily Show" agrees with Sinclair Broadcasting that the reading of the names of approximately 700 Americans who have died in Iraq on ABC's "Nightline" was biased against the administration of President George W.
Did the offender use biased oral comments, written statements, or gestures?
Understanding that the news media is biased is important, of course.
For all the technologically produced and overdetermined media constructions of knowledge that are spatially biased (represented especially by the television documentary Tom is ordered to make), Stations argues for a balance with the temporal by both insinuating and insisting upon oral forms of expression.