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bhakti (bhäkˑ·tē),

n in Hinduism, devotion and love as a path to salvation.
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That is his mission: to highlight the true message of these much-maligned works by translating them into the vernacular and in bhakti terms.
The present study endorses the latter position and demonstrates through a close reading of the gopi narrative in the Bhagavata Purana that puranic bhakti is a remarkably conservative ideology, far from socially revolutionary, and that interpretations such as Bryant, Huberman, and Hopkins are misguided.
Bhakti poems are generally short, lyrical, and expressive of great emotion--acknowledging, praising, petitioning, and even scolding the deity in question, in an intimate, earthy language.
One emphasizes the practice of bhakti while the other focuses on tapasya.
The inner conflict was resolved, the cause of the outer conflict had ceased to exist and he, thus, had reached a state of Madhura bhakti.
The pair can be a dream team that can unite Indonesia,'' Bhakti said.
The genre is particularly associated with bhakti and the saint-poet Tukaram.
In addition to the work of the general editor, seven other academics who were associated with Ramanujan have contributed helpful -- though neither extensive nor always analytic and critical -- introductory remarks prefacing the general divisions of the collected essays: 1) essays on literature and culture; 2) essays on classical Indian literatures; 3) essays on Bhakti and modern poetry; and 4) essays on folklore, which is the most extensive section.
We are losing our shirts,'' said I Gusti Ngurah Oka, deputy director for operational affairs of the Mayasari Bhakti bus company, a member of Organda.
She then examines gender reversal in both learned and popular Buddhism and Hinduism, paying special attention to devotional movements like the bhakti which offer a very different notion of gender than classical Hinduism.
MIAMI -- Bhakti Baxter was announced as the official artist for the 8th Annual Latin GRAMMY([R]) Awards, it was announced today by The Latin Recording Academy([R]).
For example, eTuk USA recently worked closely with a creative brand agency for their client Bhakti Chai based in Boulder, Colorado.