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n. pl. beto·nies
Any of several plants of the widespread genus Stachys in the mint family, especially S. officinalis, native to Eurasia and northern Africa and having spikes of usually reddish-purple flowers. It was formerly used as an herbal medicine. Also called wood betony, woundwort.


Agent derived from Stachys officinalis; suggested ability to lower blood pressure; completely unsubstantiated claims as valuable in therapy for asthma, bronchitis, toothache, and many more disorders.
Synonym(s): bishop's wort.
[L. betonicus, vettonicus, pertaining to the Vettones, an ancient people]

betony (beˑ·t·nē),

n Latin name:
Stachys officinalis L.; parts used: flowers, leaves; uses: seizure disorders, diarrhea, asthma, wounds, high blood pressure, kidney stones, palpitations; precautions: uterine stimulant, pregnancy, lactation, children, patients taking blood pressure medications; may cause hepatotoxicity. Also called
bishops wort or
wood betony.
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If blood run from a mans nose too much, take green betony and rue, pound them in vinegar, twist them together like as it might be a sloe, poke it into the nose.
Wood betony, scientific name is Betonica officinalis, has been used for over 400 hundred years for a large variety of maladies.
Beneath large oak trees, Packard planted shade-loving herbs such as angelica, Chinese foxglove (Glutinosa), skullcap (Scutellaria laterifolia), and wood betony (Stachys officinalis).
Out loud, slowly, our voices quiet, we said, "Hill Lupine, Palmer Lupine, Verbena, Penstemon and Fleabane, Locoweed and Wood Betony.
Through employee and stakeholder engagement, the programme will nurture and support flowers, such as Yellow Rattle, Field Scabious and Betony and butterfly species, such as Ringlet, Small Copper and Marbled White.
95 pbk), Book 2 Princess Betony and the Thunder Egg Pamela Freeman/Tamsin Ainslie (A$ 17.
Karen Betony, RN, PGDipHealth, MScNsg, Nursing Evidence project nurse, Christchurch
Betony ydi'r enw Saesneg ar cribau San Ffraid, ac mae 'na enwau eraill hefyd yn Gymraeg - danhogen, dwyfog a'r feddyges lwyd, Ac mae'r enw olaf yna yn rhoi cliw i chi.
Scarlet tanagers appear in the woods; meadow parsnip, wood betony, honeysuckle, buckeye and red horse-chestnut flower.
Around 44 per cent of skiers and boarders wear helmets," says Betony Garner, a spokesperson for the Ski Club of Great Britain.