characteristic frequency

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characteristic frequency

frequency at which a given neuron responds to the smallest sound intensity.
Synonym(s): best frequency

char·ac·ter·is·tic fre·quen·cy

(kar'ăk-tĕr-is'tik frē'kwĕn-sē)
Frequency at which a given neuron responds to the least sound intensity.
Synonym(s): best frequency.

characteristic frequency



The frequency of sound that is most easily able to stimulate an auditory neuron.
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All telecommunications companies except for Vodafone obtained frequencies on the best frequency band of 900 MHz and part on the other frequency band.
It's very Darwinian," says Nath, "and this continues until it finds the best frequency combination for that application.
Automatic link establishment and link quality analysis functions in the radio provide the capability to automatically scan and select the best frequency and connect to remote radios.
TPMS is a critical safety function, and crystals have proven to be the best frequency source for this application.
Thus, for practical use, both the shape of the antenna and the shape of the distributed inductor should be carefully chosen in order to get the best frequency bandwidth and efficiency performance for a given application.
You decide the best frequency needed to meet those needs.
Unlike its special-operations HF radio predecessor, the PRC-150 provides automatic link establishment to find the best frequency based on changing ambient conditions.
One way to calculate the best frequency rate for sending your e-mails is to check your unsubscribe rate after each mailing.
A unit's best frequency, or BF, was defined as the stimulus frequency producing the greatest spike rate at the approximate center of the unit's dynamic range.
The frequency band from 1,000 to 7,000 Hz appears to be the best frequency to monitor both tool condition and workpiece quality.
This enhanced frequency capability ensures that the best frequency for a given zone is always available and reduces the number of system components operators must transport to conduct a thorough survey.
The research was conducted to measure satisfaction with the current publication and to determine the best frequency for publishing a fresh news-oriented title.