benzoyl chloride

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ben·zo·yl chlo·ride

a colorless liquid of pungent odor; a reagent for acylation reactions.
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2-1 Typical producers of benzoyl chloride in China, 2011
BA consumption situation in benzoyl chloride in China (2011)
TOF 1 Acetic acid 80(4) 100 352 2 2-Br-Propanoic acid 90(6) 100 2647 3 Dichloro acetic acid 95(2) 100 8382 4 Phenyl acetate 95(10) 100 1676 5 (b) Benzoyl chloride 90(1) 100 15882 6 (b) Ethyl formate 50(2) 100 4411 7 (b) Formic acid 65(2) 100 5735 (a) The reactions were carried out as described below Table 1; (b) Protecting agent: alcohol ratio was 1:1 Table 3: Effect of microwave power on the acetylation of 1-butanol with acetic acid catalyzed by [H.
Benzoyl chloride (ACS reagent), Aluminum chloride (Al[Cl.
6 mmol of benzoyl chloride was added into another 100 mL of dichloromethane solution containing 485.
A mixture of 216g (3 moles) of acrylic acid (AA), 844g (6 moles) of benzoyl chloride, and 0.
Five 4-alkyl-2-(2-pyridyl)cyclohexanones were synthesized by the condensation of morpholine enamine of the appropriate cyclohexanone with pyridine-1-oxide in the presence of benzoyl chloride.
For some poly(BTDA-DAB) samples the number of highly reactive amine endgroups was reduced by reaction with a (with respect to the originally present number of amine groups) equimolar amount of benzoyl chloride (PI 6) or with a 16-fold smaller amount of BC (PI 7).
These ketones were synthesized by condensing the morpholine enamine of the appropriate cycloalkanone with pyridine-1-oxide in the presence of benzoyl chloride (Fig.
The iminium ion doesn't need to be preformed: the addition of benzoyl chloride to the reaction mixture is sufficient to activate a variety of imines toward Pd-catalyzed coupling reactions with vinyl stannanes.
Benzoyl chloride (analytical reagent) and dodecyl-benzene (industrial product, MW = 239.
Synthetically Benzoic acid is manufactured by partial oxidation of toluene and is primarily used for benzoate plasticizers, sodium and potassium benzoates and benzoyl chloride.