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The state of being benign and so behaving
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The Benignant de Eagle Foundation (BDE) is an innovative non-profit organization dedicated to promoting increased participation in post-secondary education in STEM fields by young women and girls from developing countries around the world.
She will commend the general cause by the countenance of her voice and benignant sympathy of her example.
though unclassic be thy name, By every muse unsung, should from thy tide, To keen poetic eyes alone reveal'd, From the cerulean bosom of the deep (As Aphrodite rose of old) appear, Health's blooming goddess, and benignant smile On her true votary
The first appears only in Oak and Ivy (1893) and consists of three ballad stanzas aglow with "Sweet sympathy, benignant ray," and, truth be told, a bit sticky with its "balm to bathe the wounded heart" (11.
Incorporation of the Double Jeopardy Clause against the states has obviated the need for a doctrine that protects against unilateral state obstructionism, and expanded federal criminal jurisdiction has challenged a core presumption of the doctrine that "the benignant spirit in which the institutions both of the state and federal systems are administered" is "almost certain" to prevent double punishment for "essentially the same" acts, except "in instances of peculiar enormity, or where the public safety demanded extraordinary rigor.
The light travels slowly from point to point along the three axes that these movements describe, and in so doing casts shadows of the wire mesh onto the walls; these moving shadows make the walls appear to recede and stop and come closer and reverse, a vertiginous and not entirely benignant effect, especially when accompanied by the relentless grinding sound of the mechanism .
The sensitive and intelligent and benignant inheritor of a country estate is torn between prospective suitors, lonely in her eerie, threatened by irrational revolutionaries, looking desperately to make peace with the new order in turbulent times.
conceded the possibility, but hedged that "the benignant spirit in
And it is particularly pleasing to observe in the good citizenship of such as have been most distrusted and oppressed elsewhere, a happy illustration of the safety & success of this experiment of a just & benignant policy.
When the apples were all gathered and pumpkins were rolled in from many a hill in billows of gold, and the corn was husked, and the labors of the season were done, and the warm late days of Indian Summer came in, dreamy and calm and still, with just enough frost to crisp the ground of morning, but with warm trace of benignant, sunny hours at noon, there came over the community a sort of genial repose of spirit - a sense of something accomplished, and a new golden mark made in advance - and the deacon began to say to the minister, of a Sunday, "I suppose it's about time for the Thanksgiving proclamation.
But when the hour of mine adventure's near Just and benignant, let my youth appear Bearing a Chalice, open, golden, wide, With benediction graven on its side.
With all her yearning to know what was afar from her and to be widely benignant," the narrator tells us, "[Dorothea] ha[s] ardour enough for what [is] near" (183) if Casaubon would entrust himself to her.