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A consequentialist may view the principles of Beneficience and NonMalificence as being at opposite ends of the same process.
13) The Belmont Report (14) presented 5 key ethical principles for governing conduct: respect for a person's autonomy, beneficience, justice, nonmaleficence and fidelity.
They worked their way down to three principles: "respect for persons, beneficience, and justice.
If most widows and orphans pay their rent on time but bear the increased rental costs, the intended beneficience of the decision could be offset by the large unintended consequences of the decision.
The second ethical principle underlying research is beneficience, that of doing good.
James Drane considers beneficience, that is, the good work a doctor does for persons who are ill, to be medicine's "fundamental ethical standard," and benevolence to be the virtue that disposes doctors to provide medical help.
Typographical errors are minor: McKenzie (ix), en statu (105), Chomley (112), Literare (115), beneficience (139), a superfluous comma in a poetic text ("increment," 162), a missing line of print (189).
Two Conflicting Views of the Beneficience of Divided
Dworkin denies that a conflict arises, if a right to beneficience is a right to have others act in accordance with what one believes to be one's critical interests.
The mental capacity requirement requires that the testator, 1) know the general extent and nature of his or her property, 2) know the typical beneficiaries of his or her beneficience, and 3) understand the disposition plan being contemplated for his or her property.