bench testing

bench test·ing

testing of a device against specifications in a simulated (nonliving) environment.
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On March 9, 2015, AcelRx announced that late last week the Company received correspondence from the Food and Drug Administration ("FDA") stating that in addition to the bench testing and two Human Factors studies it has performed, an additional clinical study is needed to assess the risk of inadvertent dispensing and overall risk of dispensing failures.
Electrical bench testing must demonstrate device safety during intended use.
Delivery of the first propulsion system will now allow a rigorous bench testing program to commence which will be followed by flight testing.
The application of Virtual Life Management modeling techniques provides for improvements in the understanding of electronic system reliability and allows for significant reductions in bench testing.
Preliminary bench testing of the slurry produced on the project determined that a 0.
The report includes surveys of the literature, vendors and manufacturers, arsenic occurrence and co-occurrence analysis, experimental protocols and analytical methods and bench testing.
The damper's improved performance, confirmed through bench testing, flight testing at Enstrom, as well as field installations, is said to offer operators the benefits of improved performance with a significant reduction in ground feedback and vibration issues.
You have to make sure that each one of those components that checks out fine in bench testing works with the rest of the system under conditions the customer is likely to encounter.
The company said the milestone includes the "design, installation and bench testing of a new ultracapacitor and controller" for the 40-foot electric bus (EB) manufactured by NovaBus Corporation.
optimized the design, which was verified by bench testing.
Laboratory studies include animal studies and mechanical bench testing to assess the biocompatibility and long-term performance of these implants.