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Indeed, his Excellency's countenance, long, solemn, and white, with the ornament round his neck, bore some resemblance to that of a venerable bell-wether.
When the old bell-wether at the head rattles his bell, the mountains do indeed skip like rams and the little hills like lambs.
Middle East Electricity has long been a bell-wether for the regional industry and participation this year reflects how government policy planners are prioritising energy sector innovation, specifically in terms of cost efficiency and how it is now driving industry operators and their supply networks," she said.
For exchange-traded funds and mutual funds, Aramco will be a necessary purchase because it can be a bell-wether for the oil industry and the movements of OPEC.
The name bell-wether is given to the leader of a group of which species of domesticated animal?
And it's apparent that it will continue to be the bell-wether town of South Wales.
Listen to either in the first competitive race in decades for Missouri's fourth district--one some analysts are calling a bell-wether for the Democratic Party's hopes to retain a congressional majority--and you'll hear about lower taxes and job creation.
Last year again seemed to serve as a bell-wether season when a sexually explicit rock musical about angsty teens, "Spring Awakening," became an industry darling and swept the Tonys, besting commercial heavyweights like "Curtains" and "Mary Poppins.
The Arctic's acute sensitivity to climate change makes it a bell-wether region to watch for global warming--and for forecasting how key stakeholders might respond to these and other changes.
Nikita Mikhalkov has been at the forefront of first Soviet, then post-Soviet, society from the 1960s through to the present, and in many ways his films have served as a bell-wether for the dramatic changes that the region has seen during that period.
By comparison, Wall Street's bell-wether stock barometer, the Dow Jones industrial average, gained 2.
The technology sector suffered another blow when US-based bell-wether Intel reported profits and revenues that missed analysts' expectations.