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The release of gas through the mouth, which represents an adaptive relaxation triggered by a build-up of intragastric air pressure due to an accumulation of gas, especially from carbonated drinks, such as soft drinks, beer and champagne. The sound itself is caused by vibration of the upper oesophageal sphincter.

Upper abdominal discomfort due to excess swallowed air may extend into the chest, mimicking heart or lung disease; in guinea pigs, belching is mediated by nitric acid release from non-adrenergic non-cholinergic nerves.


1. To expel gas from the stomach through the mouth; to eructate.
2. An act of belching; eructation.

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Q. Is it an ulcer? I am worried! Hi friend, I'm 35 year old male and recently I started to suffer from some strange symptoms I have never experienced. The first symptom was sharp pain in my upper abdomen that starts two of three hours after eating. In the beginning I thought it could be connected with some food intolerance but then I started to get this pain early in the morning, before any eating what so ever and all this was accompanied with nausea, frequent burping and weight loss. I have read some stuff about stomach ulcer and I could say that I poses almost every major symptom. Is there any way for me to be sure that I have developed disease of ulcer?

A. There is nothing you could do to check do you have ulcer or not by your self. Anyone who thinks he may have an ulcer needs to see a doctor because over time, untreated ulcers grow larger and deeper and can lead to other problems. So go now to the doctor.

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