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Liberal Democrat leader Rodney Berman said: "It is worrying that the authority is behind schedule at this relatively early stage during this round of surveys.
Planning approval is behind schedule, only because we have insisted on doing everything right.
The peace process is, as always, behind schedule and may yet face new crises.
We have no specific incidents to report; this is a general advisory that service is running behind schedule and will continue to do so until road conditions improve.
Proposals for the tiny island, recognized due to the Mutiny on the Bounty, were already three years behind schedule and the estimated costs had doubled, by the time the project was scrapped.
Council officials confirmed they had "taken back" the conservatory in order to finish off the work, which is already months behind schedule.
YEARS behind schedule, costs out of control and without the necessary people to make the project work.
A government study has revealed that over 51 per cent of big- ticket central government projects -- each ranging over Rs 20 crore -- are running behind schedule.
Radar upgrades at Los Angeles airport behind schedule.
SANTA CLARITA -- The much-anticipated shopping mall at Golden Valley Ranch is nine months behind schedule, and one of the project's three builders filed for Chapter11 bankruptcy protection Wednesday to speed the project along, company officials said.
While the extensive renovations required the entire space to be initially gutted, construction never fell behind schedule.