behavioral intervention

behavioral intervention

Behavior modification, behavior 'mod', behavioral therapy, behaviorism Psychiatry The use of operant conditioning models, ie positive and negative reinforcement, to modify undesired behaviors–eg, anxiety. See Aversion therapy, Encounter group therapy, Flooding, Imaging aversion therapy, Systematic desensitization.

Patient discussion about behavioral intervention

Q. What is cognitive behavioral therapy for treatment of depression? What is it all about? Please explain? Could someone who has actually had this explain what it is all about. I don't want to get a copy and paste answer from a web page somewhere, just a simple explanation in plain simple terms that I could relate to.

A. You mention "for example thoughts of worthlessness"

Could anyone identify other examples of these types of thoughts?

I struggle the most with guilt and shame.

What others think of me being a recovering alcoholic, someone who has depression, having a son who has been in a penitentiary several times.

What can anyone really do about these thoughts anyway. I have not come up with anything that works except to offer them all back up to God and let them all go.

What else could a professional come up that is any better than that? I would really like to know. Otherwise, what good would it really do?

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Then there can be meaningful lasting change that was, I agree, precipitated by a behavioral intervention.
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