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beefy, beefyness

1. in dog conformation, used to describe overdevelopment of musculature in the hindquarters.
2. in cattle, used to designate the desirable physical conformation of a beef animal, but an undesirable character in dairy cattle.
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THEY call him The Colonel - and proud owner Arthur Duckett reckons he's the beefiest bullock in the world.
And BB Aled, who compiled his ideal household exclusively for Wales on Sunday, says a combina-tion of the bitchiest girls and the beefiest blokes would ensure even higher ratings.
Ever wonder what's the beefiest ingredient in America's favorite food?
Sixgunners who've struggled to create safe, high-performance loads with the beefiest of bullets may find Hodgdon's specialty .
Weight restrictions still exist, but treestands capable of supporting even the beefiest archer are also made.
But by sharing resources, the five tel-co companies can afford two of the beefiest T3 lines--one linked to Seattle, one to Calgary.
There's one Gilas Pilipinas newcomer who is the tallest, beefiest of them all who should be commanding all the attention yet is very content playing behind the likes of Kiefer Ravena and Kobe Paras.
This term the Teesside tackler has largely cut out the errors - although the under-hit backpass at Birmingham that ended with Dimi getting sent off will still give him cold sweats - and increased his concentration and can now live with the beefiest of Championship strikers.
The 240IS is the beefiest model in EdgeWater Power Boats' line of shallow-draft coastal bay boats.
The LifeCycle is powered by, the company says, the beefiest battery available on a bike.
On our unit, we have always chosen the beefiest officer, invariably a bloke, who just gives the door the biggest wallop he can muster.