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beefy, beefyness

1. in dog conformation, used to describe overdevelopment of musculature in the hindquarters.
2. in cattle, used to designate the desirable physical conformation of a beef animal, but an undesirable character in dairy cattle.
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Once the council estate hard nut's mutt of choice, the slavering Alsatian was usurped by beefier and potentially more psychotic breeds: Rottweiler, Doberman, Mastiff, Akita.
Beefier, fishier and faster might be a fair description.
When food is abundant, a male can afford to build a beefier body.
This engine feels smoother and better balanced than the beefier 2.
Hank Azaria is great (as per normal) in a beefier role as the foil, former Egyptian Pharaoh wannabe Kah Mun Rah.
Oscar Mayer's new recipe is promising premium, beefier hot dogs with no artificial flavors, colors, fillers or byproducts--and rumor has it, they have pulled out all the stops and signed Mario Lopez as the celebrity spokesperson.
The bike is a bit beefier than its predecessor, but with the 1200cc engine putting out 90bhp, Showa sport-tuned suspension, upside-down front forks and Nissin brakes, the XR 1200 is specced up to provide a real alternative to the sports machines beloved of the UK biking public.
Spinosi's driving, sometimes aggressive performance, with super-fast tempi here and there and a somewhat beefier orchestra, may not be to everyone's taste: some will prefer the more serene approach by Mallon and company--not to mention Naxos's budget price point.
Jim Shephard, president of Shephard's Industrial Training Systems, told me that this trend toward heavier truckloads doesn't necessarily mean you'll have to invest in a new fleet of beefier lift trucks right away.
Apparently, IC 10's low proportion of heavy elements leads to beefier stellar remnants than those in the Milky Way.