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Patient discussion about bedwetting

Q. Is the link between bedwetting and medicines possible? I am really worried about my 6 year old son. He is bedwetting these days every night. Initially I thought it was normal with children and then I noticed that after his diagnosis with ADHD last year the doctor has prescribed him some meds and bedwetting started thereafter. ..I think it is because of medicines. My elder son never had this problem at any point of time and he is not ADHD. Is the link between bedwetting and meds possible?

A. Well the link between ADHD and bedwetting is not clear and moreover it is common in children with or without ADHD…but ADHD children do have a higher chances of bedwetting, the reason understood are that they do not realize the importance of bed wetting and wetting doesn’t discomforts them, moreover children with ADHD are distractible and do not pay attention to the signals of the need to avoid and thus piss on bed. Your elder son did not have ADHD so he understood the controls and the need and was psychologically stronger.

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Lots of reassurance for any children who express concern about bedwetting, whether at home or away, will boost their confidence and help them go to bed feeling happy
Some children do grow out of bedwetting but there's no way of knowing when this might happen.
Washington, Jan 28 ( ANI ): Bedwetting isn't always due to problems with the bladder but it can also be due to undiagnosed constipation, according to a new study.
Although the causes of bedwetting are not fully understood, identified predisposing factors are sleep arousal difficulties, polyuria and bladder dysfunction.
Parents can order a FREE copy of DryNites Dr Xargle's Book of Earthlet Sleepovers written by Jeanne Willis and illustrated by Tony Ross by calling the DryNites Bedwetting Helpline on free phone 0800 085 8189
Using a protocol he had developed, 15 of 28 bedwetting children who had achieved dryness using the drug were weaned totally from the drug over time and remain dry.
After several years of development, the manufacturers of the Wet-Stop product line have introduced their latest patented bedwetting and incontinence management product the Wet Detective.
This one-of-a-kind, superab-sorbent, cloth-like disposable mat can be secured on top of bed sheets, allowing children to better manage bedwetting and ensuring a good night's sleep for the whole family.
Louis Children's Hospital, said that bedwetting is not due to a behavioural or mental problem or laziness of the child.
PREVENTING bedwetting is always a difficult task to master especially if she has kept the bed dry for over a year.
Most parents are unaware their children can be spared the misery of bedwetting through medication, a new report reveals.
PHYSICAL causes, such as urinary tract infections, explain only a few bedwetting problems.