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Now, I know that our modern political lightweights and bed-wetters would be terrified of such a doom-laden scenario, but not our PM back then - Ted Heath.
Dimbleby and his fellow bed-wetters think Britain's drug policy is destined to fail - and it will.
IN MY schooldays it was considered important to feature near the tops of league tables: your team - whether it was the under-14s, classicists, nail-biters or bed-wetters - did its damnedest to outperform those of other ages and disciplines, at cricket, soccer, or the acquisition of badges for tying complicated knots.
The American Psychiatric Association has defined bed-wetters as children older than age five who are incontinent of urine at night.
Serial bed-wetters Keane sounded so much like Midge Ure's old band Ultravox he could be on the verge of one of electro-pop's greatest comebacks.
The boys' common bond is their inability to compete and counselors and peers call them "the bed-wetters.
And if you think the instrument line-up sounds a little different from your usual indie bed-wetters, look at the list of influences: Stevie Wonder, The Pixies, Indigo Girls, Lee Perry and Janis Joplin to name a few.
Just a couple of weeks ago I warned in this column about the menace posed by this unelected bunch of bed-wetters.
For example, Neil Boortz, who claims to be a Libertarian while promoting a right-wing agenda, referred to liberals as bed-wetters on Donahue the other night and called Nelson Mandela a jerk.
A bunch of bed-wetters telling self-pitying stories to those who think it's cool to wear corduroy.
Consider some facts about bed-wetting: l Approximately 15 per cent of children wet the bed after the age of three; l Many more boys than girls wet their beds; l Bed-wetting runs in families Usually bed-wetting stops by puberty; l Most bed-wetters do not have emotional problems.